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  WHAT RoentDek DETECTORS CAN (and cannot) DO

  Beyond CCD
  RoentDek Delay-Line Detectors with rectangular geometry
  The RoentDek Delay-Line Detector with Hexanode
  Test measurements on a split delay‐line array with printed anode tracks
  The RoentDek DualHex delay‐line anode
  COLTRIMS Spectrometer and gas jet systems
  The RoentDek DET40/75 timing detectors
  Novel particle and photon counting detector
  Delay-Line Detector for visible photon detection
  The RoentDek fADC Fast Sampling ADC for Hexanode Read-Out
  Efficiency enhancing coatings on MCP
  Low energy electron microsopy
  Hexanode application for enhancing count rate in pulsed operation
  Open-Face MCP detector with Resistive Screen (PMT)
  Sealed MCP detector with Resistive Screen (PMT)
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